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Emily's 2017 Investment Guide (NEW)

Emily's 2017 Investment Guide (NEW)


2016 was all about making your pricing guide long and mesmerizing. BUT what I found, was that EVERYONE was doing it and that means my pricing guide (and probably yours too) was getting lost in a sea of pricing guides. There was nothing personal about them either.

What's new with the 2017 investment guide?

Everything. It's all new and I have to tell you - I am seeing GREAT results. So, I thought how can I personalize the pricing experience? How can I make this couple feel like I GET THEM and I WANT TO SERVE THEM? And how can I make my pricing guide stand out among the rest?

I started creating a custom quote for every couple based on their needs. I still have a base price that I use, but I show the couple what they've asked for and how much it will be to add more (the download is just a basic 8-hr package). I've also added a whole 'who I am' and 'what you can expect' combined page that really gets the client excited! Highlighting what makes you qualified and different is a game changer! There are other personalized touches as well.

This is the guide Emily sends to all of her inquiring couples.  PDF is 4 pages long.  PDF cannot be edited.

Perfect for creative fine art photographers that are interested in their presentation and organization of wedding photography pricing.

Read my corresponding BLOG POST about this product.

Due to the nature of this product, it is non-refundable.

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