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Emily Sacco is a fine art wedding photographer located in Boulder, Colorado.


Spring Skype Mentoring Dates Posted!

Good morning, friends!

I'm happy to announce Online Mentoring dates have been posted! (I like to call them online coffee dates!!)

Ready to reserve your space?

3 dates available: 2/20, 3/19 and 3/26

I have such a clearer vision of my goals, and what I need to do to achieve them. I was so overwhelmed with all the possible outlets for marketing, and Emily really broke it down to just 3 things that I need to keep on top of. So much weight and burden lifted knowing I don’t have to do it all! Also, I realized just how much potential I really do have. I used to be so nervous to reach out to people to make things happen. By the time our follow-up session came I was completely a new person in that area. I have started this new year with such enthusiasm and excitement with real clarity and purpose. I know that wouldn’t have been possible without Emily.
— Anywhere & Somewhere Photography

More Details

My mentoring sessions are catered directly to your personal goals as a creative entrepreneur. Mentoring begins with an in depth questionnaire that directs the focus of your session and takes place in a one hour virtual “coffee date” online through Skype! I look at Mentoring Sessions as an opportunity to sit down, one on one, and discuss your business goals and objectives. It’s your chance to ask any questions you have (literally any questions), get honest advice, and create action steps to reach your business objectives.

Every Mentoring Session is uniquely designed, however generally speaking we touch on the following topics – Creating a unique Brand + Marketing Strategy, Tips for Building a Following & Keeping your Audience Engaged on Social Media, Advice for Getting Published + Working with Editors, and Technical Knowledge wherever applicable (For Photographers: Shooting in Manual, Culling, Editing, and General Work-flow Guidance).

How do I book my session?
Sessions are reserved on a first come, first serve basis and are booked in my online store! Once a session is paid for, you will receive a link to my Mentoring Session Questionnaire that gives me an overall profile of your business and directs the goals of our session!

Is a Mentoring Session right for me?
I’ve found that personalized education is one of the best ways to learn. If you have a unique area where you need to improve, questions that pertain specifically to your business, or an aesthetic goal (shooting, editing, brand strategy) where you would like individualized advice – mentoring would be a great fit for you! Mentoring is also a really good fit for creative entrepreneurs in a mid to advanced stage of business who want to focus on an “intensive” topic or ask questions they may not feel comfortable discussing in front of a group!

What are popular discussion topics?
Every single Mentoring Session is unique and that’s what I love most about them! In a workshop or conference setting, rarely do you get the one on one attention that you may need in a particular area of your business and online mentoring is designed to do just that! Most Sessions cover one of the following areas:

  • Creating a Personalized Brand + Marketing Strategy: Tips for building a following, keeping your audience engaged on Social Media, and attracting your ideal client online!
  • Brainstorming big ideas + creating action steps to reach those goals.
  • Advice for Getting Published + Working with Editors: Where to send your work based on your unique style, how to submit, and the rules many photographers + planners aren’t aware of!
  • Workflow and Editing Tutorials
  • Technical Knowledge for Shooting, Lens Selection, and more.

    Another really popular Mentoring Session objective is to develop customized marketing strategies for your business! Whether it’s engaging your audience on Facebook, cultivating an Instagram following, or developing a scheduling system for social media to reach your audience – I love discovering the best way for you to reach your target audience online!