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Emily Sacco is a fine art wedding photographer located in Boulder, Colorado.


How I Take Instagram Photos

So if you're following me on Facebook or Instagram, you'll know I post phone pics all the time! I try to get in an image every morning when I'm drinking my morning beverage (that could be coffee, espresso, or a smoothie - typically.)

So I'm not the best iphone pic taker, but I know a thing or two. And I wanna share it with ya!

How to take better instagram photos by Emily Sacco www.emilysacco.com

First thing: LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT. I always wait to snap until there is a large amount of light in my house. The walls, ceiling and table I use are all white and together they all act as negative space and reflectors. It's pretty magical.

Second: Use a non-distracting back ground. I use a super affordable little square table from Ikea! It's the perfect side table and photo table. The more blank space you have the better the image.

How to take better Iphone Photos by Emily Sacco www.emilysacco.com

Third: Get a cool photo editing app! I use VSCO Cam (and I feel like that's a pretty popular one..). So I usually always bump up the exposure and my fav filter is 04. I'm not sure if that's a free filter. I went crazy one day and bought all the filters. ooops.

How to Take Better Instagram Photos by Emily Sacco www.emilysacco.com

So if you want to improve the quality of your mobile work - remember just a few things. Always have a good source of natural light available, use a non-distracting background, have some sort of a reflector, if needed and use a photo editing app like VSCO Cam.

Well that was short and sweet. Now you know how I do something!

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Thank you so much for reading.


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