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Emily Sacco is a fine art wedding photographer located in Boulder, Colorado.


How to make a Compelling Wedding Photography Pricing Guide

2017 UPDATE:

This blog post is proving to be a popular one so I thought I'd give it a little update.

Here's the deal:

My pricing guide is a little different now a days. It's one page and has a sample or 'starting off' collection. I decided I wanted my clients to have a personal experience and receive a custom quote every time.

When I was first starting out, I didn't even know what a pricing guide was. Wait - I'm not supposed to just copy and paste my pricing in an email to an inquiring bride? It wasn't until I invested in some mentoring did I learn not only are pricing guides important, they're pretty imperative if you want brides to actually want to book with you. Stick with me on this one.

How to make a compelling Wedding Photography Pricing Guide www.emilysacco.com

So there I was, I wanted to book weddings but I didn't know how and the majority of my inquires ended after I replied with my pricing that was nicely written out in the body of an email. The truth is- you have to give brides an experience. They want to be totally WOW-ed by your work and presentation. Think about it like this- If a bride inquired to 2 separate photographers (both with equally good work) and 1 photographer has a beautifully laid out pricing guide with her best work, that is organized and informative. While the other, simple writes out the price of the packages and what is included all in the plain Jane body of an email. My friends, if you were the inquiring bride which photographer would you choose?

How to make a Compelling Wedding Pricing Guide www.emilysacco.com

So here lies the question, What makes for a compelling wedding photography pricing guide?

There are a few things that make for an amazing pricing guide
(or as I like to call it, an investment guide.)


  1. Organization: The more organized the better. It just makes you look professional and verifies your business. After all, you are a professional. You are an expert in your field and you need to demonstrate what you can offer potential clients.
  2. Presentation: Your investment guide is an extension of you and your brand. Make it special and unique to you! Your guide lays out important information in a not so boring way. Think about anytime you ever looked at a pricing guide for anything- if it was ugly and boring you weren't super excited to sign up for spending money. That's just how it is
  3. Visuals: Only display your best work. Always, always, even on your website. The goal is to get your potential client super excited about all the pretty pictures, then the price is just a number. (but you obviously should be in the potentials price range and priced accordingly. A blog post on that is coming soon!)
  4. Make it Easy: If you are packaging services for potential brides, make those packages as straight forward as possible. In today's world grabbing someones full attention can be difficult. Only write absolutely what needs to be said. Also, you don't want to overload your bride with information. Shopping for photography can sometimes mean looking through as many as 10 or 20 pricing guides. YOU WANT BRIDES TO STOP ON YOUR GUIDE!
  5. MAYBE MOST IMPORTANT- Only offer what YOU want to give. Never- EVER feel like you HAVE to offer a service or product just because other people are. I'll be honest it took me FOREVER to find an album that I loved. I just didn't want to offer what the majority of photographers were offering. So I did a lot of research and found the perfect one. I also don't offer bridal sessions before weddings anymore. It's just not my thing. So when you are making your guide, ask yourself if you are offering services that you believe in and want to offer.
How to make a Compelling Wedding Pricing Guide www.emilysacco.com


BONUS TIP: I don't have an FAQ page in my guide! (But OMGOSH WHY NOT??) The main reason is because answers to questions vary! If you have a wedding size of 15 vs 250 the amount of photographs you receive will be different. Travel fees are different too! Also- if you don't have an FAQ page you have conversation starters!! Brides have to email you questions, so you can respond and be all cool and connect with them sooner. I love when brides email me with questions, it's the first step to helping them with choosing their wedding photographer. *Feel free to make a template of answers though! I have a template I use that I change a little bit to fit every bride. But the overall format and verbiage is similar.
OTHER BONUS TIP: Connect with other photographer friends and seek advice! I made the mistake of not connecting with local photographers when I first started and it totally bit me in the butt. I missed out on a lot because I wasn't reaching out into the community. Be friends with others in your market and use them as resources! I promise if you open the door they will respond positively!
LAST BONUS TIP: Print out your pricing guide and bring it with you to meetings. Lots of times grooms or parents haven't seen your beautiful laid out pricing and it helps to have a physical representation of your offerings. I printed my guide with Artifact Uprising.


I hope you found this blog post helpful! Below you will find more blog posts that are For Photographers! If you have any questions to ask me about my work, or anything send me an email. Your interested may spark a blog post topic!


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