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Emily Sacco is a fine art wedding photographer located in Boulder, Colorado.


12 Things You Maybe Didn't Know About Me

H E L L O !

Happy Tuesday, Friends! Because I have a cross country move ahead of me, I wanted to get a little bit more personal. I've already received some exciting inquires and I'm super stoked to meet all of you!

Me by Rachel May

Me by Rachel May

No. 4

My husband is my best friend and biggest fan. I'm also madly in love with him!

No. 5

Besides photography one of my biggest passions in life is to travel. I hope my work can take me all over the world.

No. 6

I don't watch much tv but I love romantic comedies. My favorites (just to name a few) are Time Travelers Wife, 10 Things I Hate About You and of course, The Notebook.

No. 1

 I was born in North Carolina and grew up in rural Virginia (but surprisingly I don't have a southern accent). I don't know how I escaped it.

No. 2

My favorite brands are free people and madewell.

No. 3

My engagement ring is my favorite piece of jewelry because of it's healing properties. (It's a morganite trillion cut stone).

My lovely other half!

My lovely other half!

01_21_2015 CVILLEWEEKpg01.jpg

No. 9

I love tattoos! A lot of people need a long drawn out super important reason to almost justify having a tattoo and that's cool- but I just think they're awesome looking. My body has become a scrapbook of my life and I just think it's beautifull. There really isn't any other reason. I think it's the artist in me.

No. 10

During our honeymoon John and I stopped by Austin to visit Michelle Gardella and we did a River Story! She is a warrior woman who has the sweetest and warmest heart. I loved being a part of her first book, River Stories.

No. 7

One of my first gigs was working for a weekly paper called Cville weekly. I shot everything from food, to people to buildings- you name it. But, the majority of my photos used to look like that lobster over there. Then, in 2013 a friend of a friend asked me to photograph their wedding. I was hooked!

No. 8

I'm kind of a hippie (If you couldn't tell). I make my own toothpaste and I'm super into buying fresh and buying local. I also care deeply about our planet and stopped using paper towels last year. (I'm super proud of that last one!)

Me by Meredith Coe

Me by Meredith Coe

No. 11

My favorite flower is a pink peony.

No. 12

I used to want to be a director! I think that's why I became a photographer. I always saw life through a viewfinder for some reason. It all started when I was in high school and I directed my first one act. I don't even remember the name of it- but I really enjoyed it.


Lastly- If you didn't know already, I'm about to spend a month in Italy! Make sure to follow my travels on blog and on Instagram @emsaccophoto