You dream about the success your wedding photography business could have if you could just "figure it out" already.

You’re not lazy, you’re just stuck, confused or frustrated.

Because this sh*t is hard. Like really hard. You have to figure out all this junk that you know anything about - and then you have to do it REALLLLY well. And you already have a full time job and quite frankly it just feels impossible!

You want to be noticed in a saturated market!
You want to have clients that love you (or just clients at all!)
You want financial freedom!
You want to be 'fine art'.
You're young and want to be taken seriously!!
You want to be shooting beautiful weddings!!!!!!!!!

Whether you’ve just purchased your first camera or you’ve been in this game for years but feel stuck and uninspired - you’re in the right place.

I know what it's like to start a photography business as a side hustle in a saturated market on a pint-sized budget. I didn’t ‘make it’ over night, or over 2 years. I didn’t start getting rave reviews or word of mouth referrals until (you’ve heard it before) I spent a ton of money and sought out mentorship from people who were ‘already doing it’.

But not everyone has $1500+ for a workshop in Paris. Am I right? You’re probably looking for something much more affordable that is still WORTH YOUR TIME that you can implement right this second.

That’s where Emily Sacco Education comes in. For the last 6+ years I have fine tuned every process in my business.

The results?

I started getting client reviews like this that were sent right to my inbox...(and I'll show you how).

“EMILY. We need a moment to come up with the words for a review that would properly articulate your incredible wow-factor!”
“Emily is sensational. Her art is timeless, skillful, thoughtful, and passionate.”
“Our big day was captured effortlessly.”

I started creating images I loved of people I loved working with...

Guys - this is something I DREAMED about for YEARS. Years. I have the best clients, I make a great living and people are shocked when I tell them I’m a digital photographer. But my story (and maybe your story) is filled with long hours at the office, trying everything you can to get someone to hire you. I didn’t have a good portfolio and I didn’t have a clue about really anything...

I know that 'lost beyond belief but wanting so badly to be on track' never-ending, day and night, overwhelming feeling. You scour the internet for a simple answer to one of your biggest problems that's HOLDING BACK YOUR PROGRESS and you find all of these random people who kind of tell you some of the story but nothing is working out the way you wanted it to, or the way it's 'supposed to'.

If any of this is resonating with you - I can help you!

More importantly, I WANT TO HELP YOU!!!


I vow

  • To always KEEP IT REAL and be transparent about EVERYTHING.
    My insights and guidance are based on real-life experiences that have taken place over a 10+ year period. I learned the foundations of photography in a black & white film class in high school and later took more creative photography course in college. I shot editorial pieces (art, interiors, food, headshots) for local magazines in Charlottesville, Virginia for about a year and then transitioned into wedding photography full-time in 2012. In 2015, I moved to Boulder, Colorado where I currently reside. I photographed 13 Colorado weddings in 2016 and have 12 on the books for 2017 (as of 1/31/17). I have significantly raised my rates for 2018 (so I'll keep you updated with how that goes!) I'm telling you all of this so you know I have extensive knowledge in wedding photography, creating an amazing client experience, staying inspired and moving a business across the country. I've don't a lot of asskicking over the years.
  • To write with PURPOSE and with LOVE.
    There will never be any BS content for the sake of content and I will never recommend anything that I don't know/use/love. My primary goal with every word (even here) is to uplift you, educate you and support you. Please know I am here for YOU and that is my sole drive for this website and blog.
  • To be an active community member.
    I want us to talk. I want to answer your questions no matter how small. I encourage you to comment and ask questions. I would LOVE to speak directly to you. If you don't hold back, I won't either!


Ok- enough about me.

start feeding Your brain and Following Your Dreams!
(they're worth it I promise).


The first step is the hardest.

But I’ve made it easy for you.


And then get lost in the options below. GO WILD. Download some workbooks and get started. YOU CAN DO THIS!

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